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Our goal is to help all suppliers to Onboard with eProcurement systems. We serve liaison between supplier and buyer.

Within days, suppliers are PunchOut enabled!

Why is Vurbis different?

We are core developers that happens to embrace eProcurement 10 years ago.

We gathered knowledge on eProcurement and combined it with our professionalism in order to create an affordable solution for all suppliers. And a better guidance thru the Onboarding process.

We guide the supplier, the web-developer, the buyer’s purchasing department using a quick, effective with lower-impact for all implementation.

For this we use our Cloud-based solution. Setup once and you can connect to all known eProcurement platforms using cXML, OCI 4 and 5, Oracle iProcure and many others.

I am a supplier, what do i need to know?

First of all let us help you understand PunchOut without any cost. A quick call will clear the sky. Do not get stuck in the jargon. We will translate all these terms and demands into the language web-developers and suppliers understand.

We explain the options you have, what to do, and what not. After that you can make a well informed decision.

Having the plugin’s for Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce (wordpress), Prestashop and many others, we can enable these platforms within a few hours instead of months.

I am in the purchase department, how does Vurbis help me?

You’re the boss, you tell suppliers what to do, they need to comply to your needs, right?

Right, this will bring you the top 10 movers. So you are now like what, 15% compliant?

Oww but you tell those other suppliers to upload their catalog to a tail spend solution or static platform as we like to call it a CIF catalog. Remember why we moved from CIF catalog to PunchOut?

Up-to-date pricing and stock, maintaining ERP business rules the supplier has in place (EPICOR, Navision etc) and product related insights, experience, service and trust!

With Vurbis you can have it all, without the Onboarding burden, we will take away these technical issues and let you Onboard all suppliers fast and cost-effective for your supplier

And best off all, it will cost you nothing and saves your supplier high cost at the same time.

So what is next?

Give us a call or drop an e-mail and you be surprised and informed within minutes.

Let us understand your business so we can deliver you the best options available and you learn all about PunchOut at the same time.

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