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Vurbis world’s Cloud market-proven OCI cXML PunchOut solutions enable PunchOut in a couple of days.

HOW we do it

Bringing knowledge into the Cloud


With more than 10 years experience, we decided to put our expertise into a Cloud based solution. The Cloud enables Buyer and Supplier to share their expectations in a safe and secure way. You might take a look at our LABS section that provides an overview of the modern techniques we use.

Easy-to-install plugins

We recognized the need for all type of web shops to support OCI cXML PunchOut. Allthough solutions are out there , no intuitive easy to install plugin was available. So we support Magento (+2), Prestashop, OpenCart, WooCommerce and many more….

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


eProcurement’s target is to onboard suppliers that have a lot of transactions, so it should be available from small to enterprise sized businesses. Therefore we don’t charge transactional costs, and our fixed pricing is low too.

Onboarding for all suppliers, even without a shop!!

Seriously? yes quick and affordable!

Support OCI cXML PunchOut at the same time


One shop / catalogue to serve all your different customers eProcurement systems. Installed with a click on the button.

Manage Attributes, UoM, Tax, Material Codes, SRM


Once started, no additional hidden cost per buyer, you can manage your store info to be mapped to the eProcurement system.

proven quickest enablement in the market


Our method is the quickest proven method to get up and running with a minimum learning curve.

Full P2P Roundtrip (PunchOut, e-order,


Prevents typos. And get your invoice paid quickly. All transactions made possible by the plugin. No additional programming required.

Up-to-date pricing and stock


One place to maintain your assets, latest pricing and stock, which are probably fetched from an ERP connection with your shop.

Gain access to multimillion market worldwide


Once enabled you gain access to the tender networks with multimillion orders that need OCI cXML PunchOut enabled suppliers.

Prevents your business rules to be visible for
third parties


No exposure in other systems on how you handle customers. No insight information to be compared with your competitiors.

Own Shopping Experience (Brand/Design etc.)


Keeps your brand awareness and value added service you deliver like whitepapers and filters you have already invested in.

Technical reports (on OCI cXML PunchOut)


Enables to improve usage and give feedback on KPI. But also guide you through the technical stages related to OCI cXMl PunchOut.


Our goal is to help you to become OCI or cXML enabled. With hundreds of installs we know what your customer expects from you.

Within days, you are OCI cXML PunchOut enabled!

Why is Vurbis different?

We are core developers that happens to embrace eProcurement 10 years ago.

We gathered knowledge on eProcurement and combined it with our professionalism in order to create an affordable solution for all suppliers. And a better guidance through the Onboarding process.

We guide the supplier, web-developer, buyer’s purchasing department using a quick, effective with lower-impact for all implementation.

For this we use our Cloud-based solution. Setup once and you can connect to all known eProcurement platforms using cXML, OCI 4 and 5, Oracle iProcure and many others.

I am a supplier, what do i need to know?

First of all let us help you understand PunchOut without any cost. A quick call will clear the sky. Do not get stuck in the jargon. We will translate all these terms and demands into the language web-developers and suppliers understand.

We explain the options you have, what to do, and what not. After that you can make a well informed decision.

Having the plugins for Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce (WordPress), Prestashop and many others, we can enable these platforms within a few hours instead of months.

How will you help me with implementation?

We are used to work with your shop developers and know what they expect from third parties that deliver plugins. Using versioning like HitHub, Gitlab, cpanel, SSH anf ftp, we always succeed installing our plugins. We also know how to workaround or “work with” ERP connections and processes you may have running on your shop.

Best of all we take away learning curves and get you connected quickly using these steps:

  • Who are the stake holders? Which people within or outside you organization need to be involved? We will help you to make sure all technicains and consultants are in the list.
  • Inventory Resources – Where is the shop code and what logins are needed to enter the Development Test Acceptance Production (DTAP) process.
  • Eliminate Conflicts – test and adjust plugin code in order to workaround conflict if any may occur. Our experience tells us our plugins are savely build according the guidelines of the eCommerce platforms.
  • Install plugin – we install the plugin in the testenvironment ready to observe expected outcome and make initial mapping.
  • Fine-tune and test – make the settings BUYER specific, as the eProcurement app wants you to deliver it.
  • DeCharge to live – bring your shop into production and monitor performance.

Vurbis will support all the way into production and answers the questions your customer may have.

So what is next?

Give us a call or drop an e-mail and you be surprised and informed within minutes.

Let us understand your business so we can deliver you the best options available and you learn all about PunchOut at the same time.


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