What is PunchOut?

They are asking you to support PunchOut, What do your PunchOut Plugins do?


In relation to PunchOut you may have heard of the term Procure-2-Pay (p2p) or RoundTrip. PunchOut is a part of the Procure-2-Pay (RoundTrip) process.

P2P actually starts with PunchOut and ends with the Invoice. The following phases are used with suppliers:

  • PunchOut (cXML or OCI)
  • cXML Order
  • cXML or UBL Invoice

Depending on your customers’ requirements you may want to use all three steps (PunchOut, eOrder and eInvoice). Being able to do PunchOut is, in all cases, what your customer requires you to do.

Vurbis will give you the background information you need to make sure you will comply to your customer requirements. We also make it easy and efficient for you to get started with PunchOut.

If you need PunchOut We will help you to turn it into reality

Enabling PunchOut

Causing a challenge? …for us it is easy.

With years of experience we know what your customers expect. We have the tools and guidance in place to help you.

The predefined steps will turn your shop into a PunchOut enable shop within days instead of months.

Who are the Stakeholders

We will help you to identify the people that need to get involved. With the guidance we provide, we require that any stakeholder becomes active when needed.


Inventory resources

A smooth integration of our PunchOut plugin requires access to different resources. Vurbis is flexible in the method you prefer.

Eliminate conflicts

Once the plugin is installed we check if there are no conflicts caused with other modules. If there are conflicts, it’s our responsibility to solve them.


Install Punchout plugins

Our PunchOut Plugins are installed like you are used to. We use the guidelines that are provided by Open Source software like Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, opencart and others.


fine-tune and test

During this process we check the outcome of a roundtrip. We create the basic mappings that your customer requires you to communicate.

Decharge to live

When all the parameters are coming through as expected we can go live. Our system will monitor the processes and notify you if there is any issue.


PunchOut enables you to enter a billion dollar market!

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