The Technology

Vurbis’ proprietary iPaaS platform is built on the Google Cloud using a microservices architectural style that structures the platform as a collection of loosely coupled services and API’s. The resulting modularity simplifies enhancing, supporting, scaling and most importantly automating the platform for users. Microservices are widely used by well-known ecommerce companies like Amzon, Uber, Netflix and Zalando to deliver their services.

The Team

Robin Minnaard

President / CEO


Robin has came up with the idea and creation of the Vurbis SaaS/iPaaS platform. An IT multitasker in the International IT industry, he has pioneered this complex microservice platform used by any company worldwide right now.

Gary Hare

CEO - Vurbis USA


Gary has been CEO to multiple e-procurement companies. He has authored two US Patents on B2B marketplaces. His companies have delivered hundreds of e-procurement implementations to Global 2000 companies.

Ruurd Zwart



Bringing his expertise on usability and productifity to the organization, he is mainly switching as a guru between R & D and operational task like Customer Success.

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