Let’s simplify e-commerce.

Vurbis is one of a handful of emerging companies intent on simplifying how B2B sellers interact systematically with their customers (B2B buyers) when conducting e-commerce.

About Vurbis

The days of closed systems, point-to-point integration and vendor-proprietary supplier networks, which provided an unfair advantage to larger, better resourced participants, are in the past.

Today, low cost, non-invasive online services delivered via the cloud are leveling the playing field, giving a small, regional wholesale distributor to have the same online capabilities as Amazon; and having the best product, service and value will once again win the day!

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Robin is the creator and architect of the Vurbis platform, has served as founder / CEO / CTO of multiple e-Commerce companies, and is considered an expert at headless platform design and development, and microservices architectures, although his real goal is to become an expert in circumnavigational sailing.

Robin Minnaard
President/ Founder at Vurbis

Robin Vurbis

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