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PunchOut API for ERP systems

If you use your ERP system for e-procurement, our PunchOut API for ERP Systems solution uses proven, minimally invasive Cloud technologies to enable your requisitioners to order from your supplier’s PunchOut catalogs.


The PunchOut API for ERP Systems provides users of SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Navision, Epicor and other ERP systems a standard way to access PunchOut-ready suppliers for online ordering, from directly inside their ERP system, using its existing API. Vurbis provides modifiable, pre-packaged API Feed Agents that, in combination with the Vurbis Cloud, gives the ERP system a virtual PunchOut API that operates just like the PunchOut gateways found in e-procurement systems (Coupa, SAP Ariba, etc.), at a fraction of the cost of a proprietary ERP PunchOut gateway.


PunchOut  API for ERP

PunchOut API for ERP

  • PunchOut API $4500 per year*
  • Punchout Connection Fee (each) $300 per year*

Includes implementation, operation and support.
*If Purchase Order and invoice receipt are required, add $1500 per year to PunchOut API pricing.


• cXML, OCI, xCBL, UBL supported on supplier side
• Data Mapper
• Business rules, validations and notifications
• Web Page modifier (for initiate PunchOut button in ERP UI)


• No more catalog management costs
• 100% e-procurement spend coverage
• Automate your purchase order thru invoice receipt process

FREE Supplier Onboarding program


Your company has invested much time and many dollars (or Euros) into its e-procurement program, but to fully realize the benefits, and get a return on your investment, you need your suppliers to be Punchout-ready. Let Vurbis help them help you!




  1. Send Vurbis a list of suppliers you would like to be Punchout-ready, including the contact information of their e-commerce specialist or catalog management specialist
  2. Send us your Supplier Punchout Instructions (if you are using our Punchout API for ERP Systems solution, you can skip this step, we will already have this information)
  3. We’ll contact the suppliers on your behalf, engage them, get them PunchOut-ready them based on your Punchout requirements, and onboard them for you






*Suppliers pay for the appropriate Vurbis Supplier Solution
(approx. $2000-$3700 annually)




  • Simplifies supplier onboarding
  • Reduces supplier onboarding cost
  • Build your own private, virtual supplier marketplace
  • Receive e-invoices
  • Help bring your suppliers into the digital age




  • Lower selling costs
  • Automation of the ordering-taking process
  • Ability to send e-invoices
  • Better compete with Amazon Business
  • Use Vurbis for all their customers requesting PunchOut

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