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How do I get this capability?

You can build it into your web store by yourself. This can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you aren’t familiar with the technical specification (visit for more information)
You can use a PunchOut Portal Provider, who can build and host a separate site for you and then maintain the PunchOut connections to your customers.
You can use the Vurbis Plugin, which makes your existing web store PunchOut cXML-capable with any e-procurement system using the Vurbis Cloud.

Why is my customer asking for cXML Punchout?

Your customer is using (or planning to use) an e-procurement system to order online from suppliers, including you. But unlike the basic e-commerce process supported by your web store today, the e-procurement process requires among other things, pre-approval of orders before creation of a shopping cart – capabilities not supported by your web store today.

What are the benefits of having PunchOut cXML capability in my Web Store?

If you don’t provide this capability, your customer could replace you with a source that can – or possibly start using Amazon Business – because your customer’s e-procurement ROI is based on maximizing spend volume processed by the e-procurement system. The good news is it also provides great benefits to your business; automated ordering, reduction in errors and exceptions, e-invoicing; and the potential for increased sales now that your web store is directly accessible from any customer’s e-procurement system’s user interface.

Vurbis will give you the background information you need to make sure you will comply to your customer requirements. We also make it easy and efficient for you to get started with PunchOut


In relation to PunchOut you may have heard of the term Procure-2-Pay (p2p) or RoundTrip. PunchOut is a part of the Procure-2-Pay (RoundTrip) process.

P2P actually starts with PunchOut and ends with the Invoice. The following phases are used with suppliers:

  • PunchOut (cXML or OCI)
  • cXML Order
  • cXML or UBL Invoice

Depending on your customers’ requirements you may want to use all three steps (PunchOut, eOrder and eInvoice). Being able to do PunchOut is, in all cases, what your customer requires you to do.

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