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cXML PunchOut is a secure protocol that integrates e-procurement systems and ERP systems like Ariba, Coupa, iValua, SAP, Oracle and others with e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Prestashop, Big Commerce and IBM Websphere among others. The cXML PunchOut specification, aka cXML Ariba, was first published by Ariba in 1999 and has become the e-procurement industry standard for connecting suppliers and buyers over the web. cXML Ariba, as well as all other versions of the cXML PunchOut specification is open and flexible, allowing both buyers and suppliers to easily customize it to meet their specific needs. cXML PunchOut also supports many EDI-type transactions like purchase orders, advanced ship notices, functional acknowledgements and invoices, securely over the web without the need for a private VAN (Value Added Network.) cXML itself also acts as the primary protocol and document standard for many supplier networks, including the Ariba Supplier Network, the Coupa Supplier Network, the Jaggaer Supplier Network, the iValua Supplier Network, Oracle Exchange among others.

Most ERP systems also have a cXML compatible gateway so they can also exchange cXML documents with business partners, either using PunchOut or web services protocols such as SOAP or REST. When using cXML PunchOut from Ariba or another e-procurement system, the user punches-out from his desktop to the supplier’s e-commerce platform’s web store, shops, and has his shopping cart returned to his e-procurement system in cXML format, thus the name cXML PunchOut. From there, the e-procurement system does its internal approval processing, making sure the shopping cart contents (products, pricing, quantities, etc.) are compliant with the buying organizations purchasing rules. Once the cart, or a portion of the cart is approved, it is converted to a cXML purchase order and the e-procurement system once again “punches-out” to the e-commerce platform’s web store and delivers the cXML purchase order.

The same process is applied for all additional cXML transactions. The benefits of cXML PunchOut to e-procurement users are tremendous – they can integrate their e-procurement or ERP system with all of their suppliers for almost no cost, as all e-procurement and ERP systems have a built in cXML PunchOut API. cXML PunchOut also provides great benefits to suppliers as it allows them to automate ordering with their large corporate customers who typically use e-procurement systems. If you are a supplier, and you need cXML Ariba PunchOut, cXML Coupa PunchOut, cXML Oracle PunchOut, or any other version of cXML to be supported from your e-commerce web store, there are many cXML solutions providers who can assist you.

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