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What is PunchOut?

Procurement PunchOut (aka cXML PunchOut, OCI Roundtrip) is a B2B industry standard protocol that supports secure online shopping and ordering between e-commerce platforms and e-procurement systems.

Why do Suppliers need it?

Most Buyers use eProcurement systems which are “PunchOut ready”. If a suppliers wishes to sell to customers using e-procurement systems, then they need to have a punchout catalog 


How to become Punchout-ready?

Vurbis Cloud offers:

  • Fastest B2B integration – a PunchOut catalog within hours instead of months
  • All eCommerce Stores supported – Our PunchOut Plugin installs easily on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc.



Fill out the form and our specialists will contact you about the Plugin for your e-commerce system. So you can testdrive the solution or watch a demo.

Hear from our customers

One of the customers of Transcat was moving their preferred suppliers to their updated e-procurement system, which required that Transcat provide a PunchOut integration. And so, Transcat was faced with a scenario we see regularly, “Adapt or say goodbye.”

The solutions that we have are without any custom coding that require maintenance to keep the data current, unlike many other PunchOut providers. We made it possible for Transcat to connect their webshop seamlessly with many different buyers and different e-procurement systems.

The PunchOut integration will also offer convenience for users. UVU faculty and staff will be able to buy the goods and services they need in an online shopping environment similar to those found on popular e-commerce sites. Through the e-procurement platform, users will be able to browse extensive electronic catalogs or “punch-out” to suppliers’ Web sites, all while utilizing contracted rates.

“Vurbis opens up a new chapter in the development of our services and the way in which they’re delivered. We strive to get close to our students and teachers because we know the key to mutual success is in the quality of the relationship between us’’.  – Tia Breck | Utah Valley University

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