PunchOut Solution for


PunchOut to Jaggaer

Enable all types of transactions (cXML, OCI, UBL) between your eCommerce and Jaggaer

Preconfigured Mappings

Easy to install and non-invasive! 

Compliant with thousands of eCommerce sites and Purchase-2-Pay platforms – certified platforms list

Initial Setup + First Buyer – see our pricing



  • Easy to install and configure
  • Works on your existing Web store
  • Non-invasive to other plugins
  • Carts, POs, Advanced Shipping Notice & Invoices
  • Flexible and Dynamic Mappers
  • cXML, OCI, EDI, UBL, xCBL and more…
  • Integrates with ERP on Invoicing Backorders 
  • AS2 / VAN Protocol

Preconfigured connectivity with all major eCommerce Platforms

and many more....

Vurbis will give you the background information you need to make sure you will comply to your customer requirements. We also make it easy and efficient for you to get started with  cXML or OCI PunchOut

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