Onboarding Pricing

Onboarding Pricing


The three steps….
  • Send us a list of suppliers you would like to be PunchOut-ready (include contact information)
  • Send us your Supplier PunchOut Manual
  • We’ll contact your suppliers, get them PunchOut-ready, and onboard them for you
*Your suppliers will receive a 10% discount on our Supplier Solutions pricing.
PunchOut  API for ERP

PunchOut API for ERP

  • PunchOut API $4500 per year*
  • Punchout Connection Fee (each) $300 per year*

Includes implementation, operation and support.
*If Purchase Order and invoice receipt are required, add $1500 per year to PunchOut API pricing.
Turn-Key Pricing

Turn-Key Pricing

  • First Customer $960 Per Month
  • Support SLA Basic (5 * 8 * 24) $ 110,- Per Month
  • Each Additional Customer $166 per Per Month

1 year contract, configuration included.
PunchOut Pricing

PunchOut Pricing

  • First Customer $3700 per year
  • Each Additional Customer $2000 per year

If required by your customer, optional punchout transactions such as purchase order, purchase order change, ship notice and e-invoice are also available. Volume discount may apply.

Pricing faqS

What’s included in the $3700 annual payment for my first Punchout customer?

The Vurbis Punchout Plugin is a turn-key  solution. Your annual payment includes: the Plugin software license, installation of the Plugin with your web store, creation of your customer’s Punchout Profiler (see next question) in the Vurbis Cloud, testing between your now “punchout-ready” web store and your customer’s e-procurement system, ongoing operation of the service  (hosting, admin, backup, service levels, etc.) and support via the Vurbis Customer Portal

What’s my customer’s Punchout Profiler?

Although Punchout is an industry standard, it’s very flexible, so each of your customers will have different Punchout requirements based on which e-procurement system they are using (Coupa, Ariba, SAP SRM, iValua, Oracle, Jaggaer / Sciquest,  etc.), the configuration of their Punchout API,  any Optional Punchout Transactions they require, and network access among other things. All of this is configured in the Vurbis Cloud (this approach minimizes the Punchout Plugin’s footprint in your web store platform – important for any type of plugin or extension, regardless of its use.)

Why are my second, third, etc. Punchouts only $2000 annually, versus $3700 like my first Punchout?

The Punchout Plugin supports unlimited Punchout connections, and only needs to be installed once with your web store. The Plugin fee ($1700 annually) is bundled with your first customer’s Punchout Profiler ($2000 annually) into your first customer payment of $3700. Going forward, you’ll only need a Punchout Profiler for each new customer Punchout, and those cost $2000 per year.

You mentioned Optional Punchout Transactions, what are those?

EVERY Punchout connection requires two standard Punchout transactions – the PunchOutSetupRequest (POSR), which is how the e-procurement system tells you web store it wants to start a Punchout session, and a PunchOutOrderMessage (POOM), which is how the shopping cart is sent back to the e-procurement system.  But in some cases, your customer might also want to use Punchout to send you a Purchase Order or request an Advanced Ship Notice or Invoice. These, and other Optional Punchout Transactions requested can be added to your customer’s Punchout Profiler.

Are there additional fees for Optional Punchout transactions?

Yes, each Optional Punchout Transaction adds $250 to the annual fee for that customer. For example, if your first Punchout customer wants PO processing in addition to standard Punchout, your annual fee will be $3950 ($3700 + $250), instead of $3700. If your second Punchout customer wants PO processing and an invoice, your annual fee for this this customer will be $2500 ($2000 + $250 + $250), instead of $2000.


Do you offer Volume Discounts?

We do offer volume discounts on a case-by-case basis.

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