Real-Life Example of our PunchOut solution implementation



There are many strategic business advantages of ensuring your business is ‘PunchOut-enabled’. One big advantage, which is vital to any company’s success, is retaining your key customers by implementing PunchOut capabilities in your sales channels. Such was the case for Transcat. One of the customers of Transcat was moving their preferred suppliers to their updated e-procurement system, which required that Transcat provide a PunchOut integration. And so, Transcat was faced with a scenario we see regularly, “Adapt or say goodbye.”

One of the main issues and concerns in catalog content management / data management today revolves around data quality and structure including the management of accurate categories and classifications, unit of measure, currency codes, material codes, lead times etcetera. Vurbis’ PunchOut solutions tackles these issues with pre-configured templates and parameters that work as an engine to map existing company’s codes with supplier and distributor. Such a mapping structure is essential for implementing any catalog management solution and avoiding any data issues when transferring content from a marketplace or directly from a web shop to the e-procurement system. The solutions that we have are without any custom coding that require maintenance to keep the data current, unlike many other PunchOut providers. We made it possible for Transcat to connect their webshop seamlessly with many different buyers and different e-procurement systems.

Vurbis Cloud Implementation


The PunchOut integration between the two parties has been rolled out within 6 weeks. And thanks to the cloud, the plug-in and the systems where Vurbis works with a primary advantage is the fact that manual updates have become a thing of the past. With updates now taking place automatically over the cloud, Buyer parties, web development parties and the supplier itself are freed from an onerous maybe monthly chore and Transcat doesn’t have to worry about system failures and lost engagement opportunities. Nowadays there are over than thousand products, all of them with different data going back and forward every single day.

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