What’s PunchOut?

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Our customer base span a diverse range of industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Distribution, Energy, Government/Public services, Industrial, Leisure and Media, Transportation and Technology

How do I get this capability?

You can build it into your web store by yourself. This can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you aren’t familiar with the technical specification (visit www.cxml.org for more information). You can use a PunchOut Portal Provider, who can build and host a separate site for you and then maintain the PunchOut connections to your customers. You can use the Vurbis Plugin, which makes your existing web store PunchOut cXML-capable with any e-procurement system using the Vurbis Cloud.

Why is my customer asking for cXML Punchout?

Your customer is using (or planning to use) an e-procurement system to order online from suppliers, including you. But unlike the basic e-commerce process supported by your web store today, the e-procurement process requires among other things, pre-approval of orders before creation of a shopping cart – capabilities not supported by your web store today.

What are the benefits of having PunchOut cXML capability in my Web Store?

If you don’t provide this capability, your customer could replace you with a source that can – or possibly start using Amazon Business – because your customer’s e-procurement ROI is based on maximizing spend volume processed by the e-procurement system. The good news is it also provides great benefits to your business; automated ordering, reduction in errors and exceptions, e-invoicing; and the potential for increased sales now that your web store is directly accessible from any customer’s e-procurement system’s user interface.

eProcurement and PunchOut (aka Procure-to-Pay)

Companies implement e-procurement systems (Ariba, Coupa, iValua, Jaggaer, Oracle, etc.) to automate their online purchasing processes. Using an e-procurement system, a company’s employees are empowered to place orders directly with suppliers on behalf of the company – the e-procurement system’s configurable “approval workflow” engine ensures those orders are within the companies purchasing policies, budgets, contracts and best practices – basically replacing the purchasing departments of yesteryear. There are multiple benefits to e-procurement: lower costs, better data analysis, fewer errors and exceptions, less inventory and better pricing are just a few. But for e-procurement to pay off for the buying organization, the suppliers need to be involved, or more specifically, integrated into the e-procurement system and processes. That’s where PunchOut fits in – it basically puts supplier’s online web stores directly onto the e-procurement system user’s desktop.


From a supplier perspective, what’s better than having your branded web store on every customer’s desktop every day!


The illustration below shows how an e-procurement system user accesses and places an order from a supplier’s “cXML Punchout-ready” web store…

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