Punchout solutions for Chief Procurement Officer

Cost effective methods for a Chief Procurement Officer

If you are the Chief Procurement Officer your responsibilities towards the external and internal stakeholders require you to understand and manage many digital processes. How to integrate your team and end-users to ensure the smooth roll-out of your eProcurement system?

How can i reduce the average cost on Account Payable (which is approx. US $80,- per invoice) with 60%? Call Vurbis!  


    Digital and cultural transformation strategy

    Enabling eProcurement and getting all stakeholders aligned can be an extensive process.

    How can you change your supply chain to digital?

    • How can you think beyond your current business mode and articulate a future way of working?
    • How can you streamline your tactical work and become more efficient?
    • What does your future procurement team look like?

    A good understanding of today’s capabilities in processing strategies will give you an advantage. Vurbis can help you with that.

    Integrate your team and end-users to become agile

    can can share It’s to all people involved to understand the full process within the Procure-2-Pay scope.

    All people from suppliers to your purchasing team but not limited to Account Payable Mangers. During the digitization progress these questions may puzzle employees. 

    • What does the digital transformation look like?
    • How can you integrate your team and end users?
    • How to simplify things for category managers and the suppliers?
    • First start on the process automation etc. next move ahead to business partnering, modelling. Digitalization can help to think with the business and partners to overcome obsticles.

    Vurbis can share proven knowlegde and tools to speed up that transformation in a gradual way

    Collaboration from your internal stakeholders, procurement business partners and suppliers

    With so many different players and techniques it is a challenge to align a unified sourcing strategy.  

    With Vurbis developed proven processes and strategies with large enterprises in real life. Problems we solved are:

    • How can you join up your categories in order to leverage innovation from suppliers?
    • How can suppliers scale up their innovation to create a new standard?
    • What infrastructure is being built to create a joined up approach?
    • How can procurement influence stakeholders to drive initiatives here?

    Especially here the Vurbis approach and platform will skyrocket the digitalization process for both suppliers as buyers.

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