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How does p-2-p effect your strategy?

Purchase-2-Pay (p2p) can effect you whether you are a seller or a buyer. Actually you are both in a certain way. The processes your organization is using internally and externally are diverse and not all aligned and optimized. Legacy systems might prevent you to connect to third parties or the third party has no ability to exchange information using new standards.

This is where our Vurbis Platform is a proven solution to many, internally and externally. Scalable and using the latest techniques in microservices. It reconnect you to new business strategies and help you with digitization internally and externally saving cost.

How do we solve this?

Non-invasive and API driven, our plugins follow the standards set out by the different Open Source eCommerce providers.

Using Vurbis you will enable customers to easily combine ERP with eCommerce and purchase systems using our iPaaS platform.


  • OCI and cXML PunchOut
  • cXML, EDI, csv, XML xCBL Orders
  • UBL, cXML, xCBL and EDIFAKT invoices
  • Webhooks, Event trickers, FTP, VAN AS2

A new future design to move forward

Connect to a wide range of buyer’s procurement systems


  • SAP Ariba
  • Jaggaer
  • Oracle
  • Coupa

I am ready to Execute!

By offering a kick-back on the sold services, we encourage you to join our network of specialized agencies. The growing number of Purchase-2-Pay implementations will skyrocket the demand of PunchOut and related services with “your” customers.

“Get On-Board Now” and stay ahead in changing markets.

  • Gain inside knowledge on P2P
  • Extend your service capabilities
  • Increase turnover through licenses
  • Keep your customers connected

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