Punchout solutions for web agencies /ecommerce manager

Being a Web Agency, how  to add PunchOut cXML capability in customers Web Stores?

If you are an agency who develops websites/IT solutions for your customers, Vurbis Cloud Solutions is the perfect step for you to propose to your customers requiring a PunchOut Solution. Designed to be easy to install and setup, with a short learning curve, you will quickly enable your customers to be ‘PunchOut Ready’.

Pick Your Plugin

Non-invasive and API driven, our plugins follow the standards set out by the different Open Source eCommerce providers.

Using Vurbis you will enable customers to easily combine ERP with eCommerce and purchase systems using our iPaaS platform.


  • OCI and cXML PunchOut
  • cXML, EDI, csv, XML xCBL Orders
  • UBL, cXML, xCBL and EDIFAKT invoices
  • Webhooks, Event trickers, FTP, VAN AS2

Common Goals

It is to our mutual interest to help our customers grow in turnover, meet their customers requirements and save cost using digitization.

Being a former Web Agency we fully understand the omni-channel challenges and constantly changes in the connectivity between systems.


  • Provide solutions not only tools
  • Communication and Flexibility
  • Adapt to deadlines and culture
  • Competitive pricing
  • No nonsense IT

Growth by Sharing

By offering a kick-back on the sold services, we encourage you to join our network of specialized agencies. The growing number of Purchase-2-Pay implementations will skyrocket the demand of PunchOut and related services with “your” customers.

“Get On-Board Now” and stay ahead in changing markets.

  • Gain inside knowledge on P2P
  • Extend your service capabilities
  • Increase turnover through licenses
  • Keep your customers connected

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