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15 B2B eCommerce Statistics

Special thanks to the folks at Insite Software for originally posting this... https://www.insitesoft.com/blog/15-b2b-ecommerce-statistics-that-stopped-us-in-our-tracks/

What’s PunchOut, and why should B2B sellers care?

Below is an excerpt from the Wikipedia definition of Punchout… Punchout is a protocol for used interactive sessions managed across the Internet, a communication from one application to another, achieved through a dialog of real-time, synchronous cXML messages, which...

Your Most Lucrative Sales Channel is….E-Procurement?

Multichannel selling is a term that describes how a B2B seller can provide his customers with multiple buying options, or “channels.” Examples of “channels” are physical store, a salesperson, phone, email, fax, portal and most recently, and online web store. Although...

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