I looked at several alternatives before I chose Vurbis as our supplier. Some of the other suppliers were based in the US, which is always a challenge as support for time differences can often become a problem. Together with a competitive price, good references and good experiences with our customers’ purchasing systems, the choice fell on Vurbis.


We previously had our own webshop system where maintenance became very difficult and time consuming. We chose to change platform to Woocommerce and then needed a new partner for connecting the punchout solution to our customers. I have nothing else to say about Vurbis than that we are very pleased with both the product and the support. We have a number of special functions for our customers and Vurbis has been able to meet all our needs without the slightest problem. For me as a customer, it has been very nice to be able to take my hands of the implementations for the integrations and put that entirely to Vurbis, who talked directly with our customers’ system operators. That is worth its weight in gold. We have many customers running with punchout solutions that have always worked without problems. If you want a stable supplier with good support, Vurbis is an excellent choice.

Michael Jönsson

CIO, Wackes

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