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Microservice Architecture


Nearly all CIOs today are under pressure to contain costs. In fact, many are being asked to cut IT budgets. But the challenges of dealing with adoption to changing markets have not gone away. Even though the budget has. In fact, these have become more acute.


Many enterprises need better systems, not cutbacks, to have the ability to execute. For example, many supply chain managers are looking for quicker responses to fast-changing conditions. And stronger decision support to help generate the best possible results from today’s challenging circumstances.
And, they need it now.


But how can a CIO possibly make cuts and invest in new systems at the same time? The answer is by thinking strategically. To create new efficiencies that increase revenues and decrease cost. Our white paper explains how CIOs can roll out significantly faster. And how they can add adaptable functions at an affordable cost. By extending existing systems (legacy) with Vurbis LABS. A specialized microservices framework. Delivered as a service (SaaS) and become “The Responsive Enterprise”.

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