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HOW we do it

Bringing knowledge into the Cloud


Vurbis has more than 10 years experience with PunchOut. So we decided to put our expertise into a Cloud based solution. This enables Buyer and Supplier to share their expectations. This results in Onboarding Suppliers fast.

Easy-to-install plugins

We recognized the need for all type of web shops to support PunchOut. Allthough solutions are out there, there are no intuitive and easy to install plugins available. So therefore our plugin supports the known platforms. Like Magento (+2) and Prestashop. But also OpenCart and WooCommerce. And many more.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


eProcurements target is to Onboard suppliers that have a lot of transactions. So it should be available for small companies up to enterprise sized businesses.

Onboarding Suppliers, even without a shop!!

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