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What’s PunchOut? Why do I need it?

Procurement PunchOut (aka cXML PunchOut, OCI Roundtrip) is a B2B industry standard protocol that supports secure online shopping and ordering between e-commerce platforms and e-procurement systems. Most e-procurement systems are “Punchout-ready” today. If you want to sell to customers using e-procurement systems, you’ll need to be “Punchout-ready” too. Learn how the Vurbis Cloud can make your business “Punchout-ready” today, fast and inexpensively, without ANY modifications to your e-commerce web store platform!

e-procurement systems


Every day, more and more of your customers are implementing e-procurement systems. Take advantage of this opportunity by getting your e-commerce web store “PunchOut-ready” today!

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What’s the difference between
e-commerce ordering and e-procurement ordering?

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We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vurbis and I would recommend this fantastic company to everyone.

Tia Breck | Utah Valley University

Procurement Officer

“Dude, your services are awesome. With your help, my business is now on the right track. Thank you! I am now your customer for life”

Niko Smrekar | Transcat Inc.

Director of Web Marketing and Rentals

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