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Welcome to Vurbis, where procurement integration meets unparalleled efficiency. In today’s dynamic business landscape, optimizing procurement processes is key to maintaining a competitive edge. With Vurbis’s robust suite of solutions, including advanced features like PunchOut OCI and OCI cXML, organizations can streamline their procurement workflows like never before.

How does Vurbis work

PunchOut OCI

PunchOut OCI revolutionizes the procurement experience by enabling buyers to seamlessly access supplier catalogs directly from their procurement systems. Vurbis’s PunchOut OCI solution ensures smooth connectivity between your procurement platform and our extensive catalog, eliminating the need for manual data entry and simplifying the purchasing process.

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OCI cXML serves as the foundation for efficient data exchange between buyers and suppliers. With Vurbis’s OCI cXML capabilities, organizations can achieve seamless communication and standardized transactions, leading to enhanced accuracy and compliance across their procurement ecosystem.

Tailored OCI solutions for industry specific needs

Vurbis understands the unique requirements of each industry and provides tailored OCI solutions, including OCI NL and OCI bedrijf integrations. From optimizing supply chain visibility in automotive manufacturing to streamlining medical equipment procurement in healthcare, managing complex procurement workflows in oil & gas, and enhancing brand engagement through promotional merchandise, Vurbis delivers customized OCI solutions to meet industry-specific needs.

Strategic partnerships for procurement success

Partner with Vurbis to unlock the full potential of OCI integration in your industry. Our dedicated team of experts collaborates closely with clients across automotive, healthcare, oil & gas, and promotional & merchandise sectors to ensure seamless implementation and ongoing support. Together, we drive procurement excellence, empowering businesses to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

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“If this customer was demanding Punchout capability from us, we should assume many more of our largest customers use eProcurement systems and will demand Punchout as well. So it became vital to our company’s success to have cost-effective, easy to deploy PunchOut capabilities in our sales channel, an ability we now have thanks to our partnership with Vurbis.”

Niko Smrekar
Director of Web Marketing and Rentals at Transcat