Complete B2B Web Store from €800 per month

If you don’t have an online web store, but have customers requesting PunchOut. Read on!

PunchOut-Ready B2B Web Store

Learn how to connect your eCommerce site to their eProcurement system or ERP, today.

If you don’t have an online web store, but have customers requesting PunchOut, you’ll need an eCommerce platform that has B2B functionality and can be deployed fast, easy and inexpensively via the cloud – and most importantly, has “built-in” PunchOut capability.

The Vurbis B2B Web Store is a fully hosted, turn-key B2B eCommerce web store platform that is “PunchOut-ready” out of the box. Whether your customers are logging in from the web, or an eProcurement system using cXML or OCI Punchout, their shopping and ordering experience is the same! You can request a demo here.

PunchOut-Ready B2B Web Store


  • Makes your web store “PunchOut-Ready” without modifications

  • Lowers your order processing costs

  • Fewer errors and exceptions

  • Saves engineering cost and single point of failure or dependency

  • Increased sales (not guaranteed)

  • Increased customer satisfaction levels

PunchOut Ready Vurbis
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“If this customer was demanding Punchout capability from us, we should assume many more of our largest customers use eProcurement systems and will demand Punchout as well. So it became vital to our company’s success to have cost-effective, easy to deploy PunchOut capabilities in our sales channel, an ability we now have thanks to our partnership with Vurbis.”

Niko Smrekar
Director of Web Marketing and Rentals at Transcat