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PunchOut-Ready in the Oil & Gas industry?

Fast and accurate supply towards Oil & Gas companies might be one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Find out how Vurbis helps you overcome these challenges.

PunchOut-Ready for Oil & Gas Industry

PunchOut-Ready for
Oil & Gas

Improve your purchase-2-pay process

Fast and accurate supply towards the Oil & Gas Industry is maybe one of the oldest procurement networks. Although legacy systems are still in place a continuous digital transition is taking place.

Suppliers of Rotating equipment, bearings, metalwork, safety and measurement equipment, chemical and coating are forced to improve their purchase-2-pay process by using PunchOut and cXML / EDI ordering.

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Vurbis solves  your connection and conversion problems

Protocols like ANSI X12 and the ASN2 network cause challenges connecting to eProcurement systems like SAP SRM, Ariba and Coupa that mainly support cXML and OCI formats.

The Vurbis platform solves these connection and conversion problems using the sophisticated mappers and event driven webhooks working both ways.

Meaning, processes towards the supplier and to the buyer’s eProcurement applications. Especially this industry has complex products with a lot of attributes like hazardous coding.

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We have 20+ years experience

Managing but also consulting these industries gave Vurbis the opportunity to maintain a mapping library of different use cases.

Easy to connect

5.000+ users are ahead of you!

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“If this customer was demanding Punchout capability from us, we should assume many more of our largest customers use eProcurement systems and will demand Punchout as well. So it became vital to our company’s success to have cost-effective, easy to deploy PunchOut capabilities in our sales channel, an ability we now have thanks to our partnership with Vurbis.”

Niko Smrekar
Director of Web Marketing and Rentals at Transcat


Onboarding Program

Do you need your suppliers to be PunchOut-Ready? We have a forever free plan for you!

€ 3700

PunchOut Plugin™

Every day, more of your customers are using e-procurement systems like Ariba, Coupa, Oracle, Jaggaer, iValua and others to order online from suppliers. So, if you want them to order from your e-commerce web store, it needs to be “PunchOut-Ready.”

€ 10000

“PunchOut-Ready” B2B Web Store

If you don’t have an online web store, but have customers requesting PunchOut, you’ll need an e-commerce platform that has B2B functionality and can be deployed fast, easy and inexpensively via the cloud – and most importantly, has “built-in” PunchOut capability.