Let’s simplify eCommerce.

Vurbis is one of a handful of emerging companies intent on simplifying how B2B sellers interact systematically with their customers (B2B buyers) when conducting eCommerce.

Lets simplify eCommerce

The days of closed systems, point-to-point integration and vendor-proprietary supplier networks, which provided an unfair advantage to larger, better resourced participants, are in the past.

Today, low cost, non-invasive online services delivered via the cloud are leveling the playing field, giving a small, regional wholesale distributor to have the same online capabilities as Amazon; and having the best product, service and value will once again win the day!

Lets simplify eCommerce

Mission of Vurbis:

At Vurbis, we discovered that many companies did not have access to affordable and scalable technology solutions that were future-proof. We believe that every business should have access to the latest technology and solutions, regardless of their size. Our goal is to provide new methods and scalability for businesses in all sectors, from small to large, in enabling them to sell via B2B eCommerce and seamlessly integrate with in-house procurement systems.

Our services are delivered through the Google Cloud platform, which offers unprecedented flexibility and integration with various systems. We believe our service is essential and valuable for suppliers who need to comply with punchout technology and for buyers who want to control their costs. Our platform is also of interest to eProcurement software vendors who want to support their customers; eCommerce managers, CIOs, web agencies and eProcurement software builders who want to streamline their processes, outsource their IT management and add PunchOut functionality to their platforms.

We want the world to see us as a knowledge company and a facilitator of digitalisation in the supply chain. Our unique selling points are our competitive pricing, flexibility and subsequent process support. We are committed to being the go-to knowledge company in our field and an essential asset to our customers’ supply chain operations.

Core values

At Vurbis, we value friendliness, professionalism, teamwork and effective communication. As a facilitator of digitalisation in the supply chain, we strive to be recognised as a knowledgeable and reliable partner providing unparalleled support for continued growth and success.


The vision of Vurbis is to become the leading provider of innovative and flexible solutions for virtual marketplaces and partners, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud, AI, Sphere, Power BI, Mobile presence, and Blockchain. Our focus is on meeting the needs of our customers, who require easy integration, flexible reporting, and the ability to execute new marketing and sales strategies quickly.

We recognize that the market is evolving rapidly, and the risk of losing knowledge and expertise is high. Therefore, our goal is to offer a solution that provides a manageable and risk-free way to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. We believe that this is essential to succeed in the B2B business, where the competition is fierce and the market demands are constantly changing.

Our dream for the future is to create an onboarding environment that provides access to the latest technologies and knowledge for everyone, regardless of size. We aim to offer a solution that provides all the essential ingredients for success in the B2B business. We will continue to innovate and explore the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve, providing our customers with a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our core values of friendliness, professionalism, teamwork, and communication will remain the foundation of our business, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service and support.

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Robin is the creator and architect of the Vurbis platform, has served as founder / CEO / CTO of multiple eCommerce companies, and is considered an expert at headless platform design and development, and microservices architectures, although his real goal is to become an expert in circumnavigational sailing.

Robin Minnaard
President/ Founder at Vurbis

Lets simplify eCommerce

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