Utah Valley University

How Utah Valley University became PunchOut-ready!

Utah Valley University (UVU) is the largest public university in the state of Utah, USA.

Utah Valley University Vurbis

UVU’s objective was to improve and simplify the online ordering experience of its students, faculty and employees to better leverage the investment they’ve made in e-procurement and align it more with how e-commerce sites like Amazon operate. To do this, they wanted to create a virtual marketplace of key suppliers, fully integrated with their e-procurement platform. Their current practice of managing supplier catalogs and order forms created a usability and maintenance nightmare.

By using the Vurbis PunchOut service to punchout-enable both internal and external suppliers, UVU users could now shop internal and external supplier web stores without leaving the e-procurement system, and most importantly ensure contract pricing was applied to all purchases.

Tia Breck, e-procurement administrator at UVU, explains: Tia continued, “We strive to get close to our students and faculty because we know the key to mutual success is in the quality of the relationship between them and the university, and Vurbis has help us tremendously with regard to accomplishing this.”


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“If this customer was demanding Punchout capability from us, we should assume many more of our largest customers use eProcurement systems and will demand Punchout as well. So it became vital to our company’s success to have cost-effective, easy to deploy PunchOut capabilities in our sales channel, an ability we now have thanks to our partnership with Vurbis.”

Niko Smrekar
Director of Web Marketing and Rentals at Transcat